Mobile Casino Sites vs Online Casino Sites

Mobile Casino Sites vs Online Casino Sites

Long, long time ago casino games were only available at land-based casinos and in 1994 the online casino launched to change the casino world forever. January 1998 marks the launch of the first online poker room, although more excitement was to come. In June Microgaming lunches the first progressive jackpot network, which was the start to slots offering multi-million payouts in a single spin.

UK Mobile Casino History

The mobile casino history stretches all the way back to the first WAP phones.  Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia mobile phone users could download games to their devices. Java was the only available platform for mobile devices and it became available around 2001. After that we saw a big improvement that makes gaming smoother and faster. Smartphone only appeared in 2007 when Apple launched the first iPhone, it revolutionised the way people communicate, and it had also major impact on online casino industry. Apple may have been the first to officially launch a smartphone, but Android did revolutionise the mobile casino and released multiple casino games for its users.

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